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You have never worked from home or only one day per week? Suddenly many of us are thrown into this and it is not without challenges. Elastic was founded in the “work from anywhere” style in 2012 and is still doing it with 2,000 employees; I have been working exclusively from home for four years now. Here are some tips and tricks and we will also have time for Q&A:

  • How do you structure a workday to stay efficient and motivated?
  • How do you handle coordination, meetings, and the social aspect of work?
  • What are some recommended tools?
  • How can you turn this into a strength for software projects?

Once you have worked from home for a while it is hard to imagine going back to an office — if done the right way.

PS: While this talk focuses on the perspective for individuals, Scaling Distributed Teams looks more into the challenges around company growth and Building Distributed Systems in Distributed Teams on how to get started as a company.