Speeding up your database

How do indexes work in general as well as with MySQL in particular and how are they speeding up your SilverStripe database?

How (not) deploy to AWS

Talking about initially failed and later improved deployment and security strategies of Java applications.

From ActiveMQ over Hazelcast to Disque

Theory about queus and discussion of some widely used implementations.

MongoDB 3.2

What's new: document validation, $lookup, BI, storage engines, replicated config servers, and partial indexes.

Host your DB in the cloud, they said...

Good and bad experiences of hosting your database in the cloud.

Showdown of the Asserts

This talk explores the differences of asserts for unit testing with JUnit, TestNG, Hamcrest, AssertJ, Truth, and Spock.

Se7en deadly deployment sins

Taking a look at seven common deployment sins and how to avoid them.

The AWS Survival Guide

Presentation on how secure your account and infrastructure running on Amazon.

Isomorphic JavaScript is all wrong

Why isomorphism doesn't apply to JavaScript.

PHP secure configuration checker

Introduction on how to check your PHP configuration for security issues with PCC.

CAP revisited

Diving into the theory behind the CAP theorem and discussing what this actually means for databases and MongoDB in particular.


Overview of the most important announcements at Elastic's conference and some personal impressions.

AWS Deployment Mechanics

In this workshop we are discussing the mechanics of a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective deployment on AWS.

Jenkins all the things

Presentation about the possible use cases of Jenkins with Java, Git, Ansible, Ruby, and much more.

MongoDB replication

...what could go wrong?!
Presentation with the theoretical background and a replication demo.