My background.

I'm a passionated developer who also spends quite a lot of time with the operation of software. At Elastic I'm working as a developer advocate — “You Know, for Search...”


I'm interested in all things around databases — both from the relational and non-relational world, but also distributed systems in general. At the moment I'm mainly working with Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, but MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, Hazelcast, Neo4j, Cassandra, and Couchbase are on my radar as well.

Deployment & Infrastructure

Most of my applications run on Amazon Web Services or DigitalOcean. For deployments I work primarily with Maven or Gradle, JUnit, Jenkins, and Ansible in particular.
Automate all the things!

Web Applications

My web applications include static pages built with Middleman / Ruby, dynamic applications with SilverStripe / PHP, and backends with Java and Spring. I have also written a SilverStripe book and was both a Google Summer of Code student and mentor for the project.

What is "xeraa"?

If you rotate the letters of my last name krenn by 13 places (ROT13), the result is xeraa:
k x
r e
e r
n a
n a

My presentations.

Here are some of my presentations — enjoy!

nginx for fun and performance

Architecture, advantages, and common use cases with nginx.

Elastic Stack

Overview of the Elastic Stack and a hands-on demo of the features of Elasticsearch, Logstash, Beats, and Kibana.

Databases — the choice is yours

Comparison of relational and non-relational databases.

SilverStripe Introduction

Giving an overview over SilverStripe; both the CMS and the underlying framework and showing off some nice features in a live demo.

Perils of the Cloud

Talk about the dangers of the cloud and how to protect against them effectively — in particular on AWS.

Morphia: Painfree ODM

Taking the pain out or Object-Relational Mappings (ORM) by throwing out those pesky relations.

My conferences.


BSidesBUD (Budapest)
"Scale Your Auditing Events"
Testing Stage (Kiev)
"Real Integration Tests for Your Datastore"
microXchg (Berlin)
"Live Kubernetes Debugging with the Elastic Stack"
DevOpsDays Copenhagen
"YAML Considered Harmful"
commerce.talks (Berlin)
"Hands-On ModSecurity and Logging"
DevOps Fest (Kiev)
"Hands-On ModSecurity and Logging"
GDG Pisa
"Building Distributed Systems in Distributed Teams"
devday.19 (Dresden)
"Zentrale Logging Patterns" (Workshop)
Magdeburger Developer Days
"Richtige Integrationstests mit Containern" & "Aggregierte Logging Patterns"
Voxxed Days Minsk
"Reaching Zen in Your Coordination Layer" & "Centralized Logging Patterns"
JNation (Coimbra)
"Monitor Your Apps with the Elastic Stack: Logs, Metrics, Pings, and Traces"
WeAreDevelopers (Berlin)
"Hands-On ModSecurity and Logging"
Dutch PHP Conference (Amsterdam)
"Centralized Logging Patterns"
Voxxed Days Athens
"Centralized Logging Patterns"
Berlin Buzzwords
"Reaching Zen in Elasticsearch's Coordination" & "Elastic Stack: Search and Beyond" (Workshop)
Developer Week (Nürnberg)
"Richtige Integrationstests mit Containern"
Infiniteconf (London)
"Make Your Data FABulous"
JCrete (Crete)
GeekOut (Tallinn)
"Live Kubernetes Debugging with the Elastic Stack"

Looking for a Speaker?

I'd love to talk at your event — get in touch and we'll discuss the details!
I’m only interested in speaking at conferences with an enforced Code of Conduct in place. I prefer to speak at conferences that are actively working towards improving diversity amongst both attendees and speakers.



BigData Warsaw
"Elasticsearch for Search of Logs, Metrics and User-Data" (Roundtable)
Jfokus (Stockholm)
Centralized Logging Patterns    & "Live Kubernetes Debugging with the Elastic Stack" (Workshop)
CrunchConf (Budapest)
"Elastic Stack Workshop: Search and Beyond" (Workshop)

My meetups.


The group covers everything from the world of databases. We have already had more than twenty events on Elasticsearch, Neo4j, MongoDB, CouchDB, Couchbase, Redis, Cassandra, Hazelcast, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. In addition, we have covered indexing and "modern" SQL, the frame­works jOOQ and Morphia, as well as the pros and cons of NoSQL databases. And we are continuously planning interesting sessions for the future.

Papers We Love Vienna

While ViennaDB is very practical, this meetup covers academic articles in the area of computer science. There are a number of these Papers We Love Meetups, for example in New York, San Francisco, London, or Berlin — we are the Vienna chapter. Our topics are the foundations of programming languages ​​and concepts as well as interesting implementations, especially in the area of distributed systems.

SilverStripe Austria

This meetup is highly focused on SilverStripe. We are covering what is working for us SilverStripers and what is not, what are common social or programming issues and how to tackle them. On the technical side we have covered changes in SilverStripe 3.0 and 3.1, how to run your site on nginx, the creation of templates with Zurb Foundation, and how to work with GridFields.

My contact details.

Do you have a challenge for me?

I'm always interested in getting to know exciting people and to look at complex problems — especially in the areas of databases, cloud computing, builds, deployments, and web applications.

Philipp Krenn


+43 676 3428954