My background.

I'm a passionated developer who also spends quite a lot of time with the operation of software. During the day I'm working at the B2B company ecosio. At night I'm organizing meetups or preparing trainings and conference talks.
My primary responsibilities are databases, deployments and infrastructure, as well as the development of web applications. Solving complex problems in a team and high reliability are my strong suit.


I'm interested in all things databasy — both from the relational and non-relational world: At the moment I'm working with MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, and Elasticsearch, but PostgreSQL, Hazelcast, Neo4j, Cassandra, and Couchbase are on my radar as well.

Deployment & Infrastructure

Most of my applications run on Amazon Web Services. There I use the full range of products to provision instances, run databases and queues, store files, as well as manage domains, users, and networks.
For deployments, I work primarily with Maven, JUnit, Jenkins, and Ansible.

Web Applications

My web applications include static pages built with Middleman / Ruby, dynamic applications with SilverStripe / PHP, and backends with Java; with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS on the client. I have also written a SilverStripe book and was both a Google Summer of Code student and mentor.

What is "xeraa"?

If you rotate the letters of my last name krenn by 13 places (ROT13), the result is xeraa:
k x
r e
e r
n a
n a

My work.

Some of my presentations, trainings, and web applications.

My conferences and meetups.


Voxxed Days Bristol
"Databases — the choice is yours"
"Painfree Object-Document Mapping for MongoDB" & "AWS from the ground up with Ansible" (Workshop)
Developer World CeBIT (Hannover)
"Gefahren der Cloud"
para//el (Heidelberg)
"A tale of queues — from ActiveMQ over Hazelcast to Disque"
Voxxed Days Istanbul
"Se7en deadly sins of deployments"
Baltic DevOps (Tallinn)
"Se7en deadly sins of deployments"
DevOpsCon (Berlin)
"101 Steps to Avoid a Security Disaster in the Cloud"

Looking for a Speaker?

I'd love to talk at your event — get in touch and we'll discuss the details!



I'm organizing three meetups in Vienna. Come and join us!
Everyone is welcome and we're always looking for interesting talks.


The group covers everything from the world of databases. We have already had more than twenty events on Elasticsearch, Neo4j, MongoDB, CouchDB, Couchbase, Redis, Cassandra, Hazelcast, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. In addition, we have covered indexing and "modern" SQL, the frame­works jOOQ and Morphia, as well as the pros and cons of NoSQL databases. And we are continuously planning interesting sessions for the future.

Papers We Love Vienna

While ViennaDB is very practical, this meetup covers academic articles in the area of computer science. There are a number of these Papers We Love Meetups, for example in New York, San Francisco, London, or Berlin — we are the Vienna chapter. Our topics are the foundations of programming languages ​​and concepts as well as interesting implementations, especially in the area of distributed systems.

SilverStripe Austria

This meetup is highly focused on SilverStripe. We are covering what is working for us SilverStripers and what is not, what are common social or programming issues and how to tackle them. On the technical side we have covered changes in SilverStripe 3.0 and 3.1, how to run your site on nginx, the creation of templates with Zurb Foundation, and how to work with GridFields.

My book.

SilverStripe 2.4 Module Extension, Themes, and Widgets.

The book takes you through the design of flexible templates, the creation of powerful features, and the integration into an intuitive backend. While SilverStripe keeps everything nice and simple, if you need to, you can extend and customize every part of it. Graphic examples illustrate the principles, gradually introducing the finer details needed to get slick results.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, databases, frameworks, Content Management Systems, and many other fast-evolving technologies make up modern web-development. How can you effectively create professional results without being limited by the ease of your tools?

SilverStripe, with its simple and intuitive design, is easy to work with and offers numerous customization opportunities. But understanding the options available and getting hands-on with the development techniques is not as easy as it should be if you are relying on tutorials and documentation available online. The book helps you in designing and developing SilverStripe projects in a clear and friendly way.

You start off with creating your own templates — covering the general layout, while also taking search engine optimization into consideration. Next, you take a look at the logic driving your web application and the database. Using these basic concepts, you can start building more advanced features such as the integration of Google Maps, Twitter, or Facebook, custom image galleries, and the handling of user-supplied data. Finally, you translate and internationalize your project.

Besides general principles, the focus is on reusable code — getting your project started in no time. A practical guide for extending SilverStripe applications with ease, describing real-life examples right from the start.


Issuer: Packt Publishing,
Series "Beginner's Guide" and "Open Source"

ISBN: 184951500X

Release: May 2011

Paperback: 368 pages

Language: English

Official website: Packt Publishing SilverStripe

My contact details.

Do you have a challenge for me?

I'm always interested in getting to know exciting people and to look at complex problems — especially in the areas of databases, cloud computing, builds, deployments, and web applications.

Philipp Krenn
Billrothstr. 11
1190 Vienna, Austria


+43 676 3428954